The KS Collective



Selected Testimonials

KS DESIGN: "It took me 3 years to settle on the right  design team for my new company credentials and I admire the level of dedication and patience the KS Collective demonstrated with me by helping to achieve the perfect logo and brand identity for Eventwala. My best experience and definitely not my last one with them. Highly recommended! You won't be disappointed!" - Gaurav Mohan, Founder, Eventwala

KS CONSULTING:"We hired KS Consulting at a very early stage in our project, and straight off the bat, we felt that they were an extension of the team. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They supported us in structuring our business plans and strategy, working out steps forward, and making financial forecasts. They helped us with our brand strategy and creative direction and in recruiting creative talent. We loved working with them and it benefited us immensely to have them on board." - Neha Majithia, Fun Plates

KS VOICE:"Working with KSV is great! Kabir’s knowledge of sound design, experience as a trained voice for voiceovers and his range to voice for films as varied as commercials, to documentary films or corporate AVs is rare to find." - Arjun Pandey, Founder 24 Frames Films


KS CONSULTING: "The best work is done under  great guidance and when making our business plan to start Kratos Fitness, this guidance came from KS Consulting."    - Aashita Chopra, Founder, Kratos Fitness & Beyond

KS VIDEO: "We had contracted the KSP brand of the KS Collective to produce 7 short fiction films for us as a part of school cinema. We were extremely impressed with their overall efficiency, dedication towards providing quality services within cost effective budgets and tight deadlines, and their openness towards integrating relevant client input and feedback into the final product. Of these, the 'Finish Line' went on to win a national award. We look forward to working with them in the future!" - Sushma Bharat, School Cinema, Edumedia India

KS SOUND: "The SDS brand of the KS Collective is a one of a kind audio post production and sound design service. They create narratives using sound and music which exceed imagination and grasp. The product is always sound, fresh, timely and exceeds expectations." - Vikram Sood, Founder, &Then New Media