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More than one touch point: The evolving model of creative agencies

We live in exciting times. New technologies are fundamentally changing brand experiences, and customers are better informed thanks to social media and the ever-rising influencer culture, in a world where the creative horizons of touch points are being redefined every day. These days brands have to constantly re-invent themselves - and come up with new and relevant stories -  to stay on top of their game, and a step ahead of their competition. At  the KS Collective, we understand the new demands of this creative market, and therefore offer our clients something radically new: customised teams that service them according to industry, skill and budgets requirements.

Bridging between cultures: India as a global story

Though we are based out of India, our creative mindset has no borders. We service clients from all over the world, who see their future in the Indian market, and help Indian firms to enter the global stage, as well as to grow within the Indian market.

The KS Collective Process

All our projects start by defining the story that needs to be told, the emotions that need to be felt and the brand recall that needs to be achieved. This story is then fleshed out by a curated collective of experienced brand & business consultants, talented film makers, animators, sound engineers, voice over artists, design ninjas, web & digital brainiacs, writers, musicians and UI/ UX designers. These talents come together to bring you a one-stop-shop for concepts, strategy, experiential design journeys, digital campaigns, graphic design, websites and apps. We produce high quality video & print content & on-ground event activations, ensuring your brand is communicating effectively across all your touch points. 

The magic spot: Where happiness meets creative professionalism

This magic is achieved when multidiscplinary creatives come together and work as teams that not only create outstanding results for our clients across all touch points, but also to do justice to the creative processes involved in achieving great work.

We believe in transparency of approach, budgets and timelines and most importantly in a work culture of open minds, and good hearts. The talent at the KS Collective is curated not only by the skills they possess but more importantly by the fact that they are just good people to work with :)

So come join us in what we call the next creative revolution: #GreatWorkByGoodPeople

The KS Collective includes Kabir Singh Productions - a video production house; Sound Design Solutions - a holistic audio solutions company; his voice-over venture at Kabir Singh Voice Over and creative thought leadership and conceptualisation at IJR Experiential Design.